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March 07, 2005



yes, endorse all those! (it's Aaron Blabey)

I support the idea of reformed wee wee, where people can work their way out of wee wee dom - wee wee purgatory?


Further reflections on wee weedom (you've really got me going on this, I'm going to have to lurk on other less interesting blogs). I'm prepared to forgive Johnny Depp anything for those cheekbones! Your Queen list is apt indeed.

Latin Wee Wees - Cruz and Lopez, but not Hayek or Banderas.
Hollywood wee wee boys - Adrien Brody, Rob Lowe, that one that married Miranda on Sex in the City, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon
More indeterminately wee wee boys - Kevin Spacey
Political wee wees - Bill O'Chee, John Brogden, Joe Tripodi (if a right wing headkicker can be a wee wee), Andrew Bartlett, Jenny Macklin
Sydney academic wee wee Queen - Catharine Lumby
Talkshow host King wee wee - Andrew Denton vs Rove?
Columnist wee wees - Maggie Alderson, Sophie Masson
Right Wing Death Beast wee wees - Janet Albrechtsen


hi Bathsheba

Support all of those too (tho whatever would Queen Cate Lumby say? I must admit she lost it for me, wearing her speedos on a doco)

Speaking of right-wing death-beasts -- what is the name of that awful woman who writes for the Australian sometimes -- Angela Shanahan? You know, the Catholic mother of five, freelancing from Yarralumla or some such place (Nick, you might know this one).

Denton vs Rove -- that's a hard one. A photo-finish of sycophants, both so ADD too. But, I'm more favourably inclined towards Denton because I appreciate his humour more -- Rove just seems too daft sometimes.

Matt Damon may be redeemable -- agree muchly with what John had to say in a recent blog piece about him: "Ripley, like it or not'. At least he seems to have had non-wee wee parents.

Kevin Spacey is perhaps sinister wee wee -- non?

Andrew Barlett -- Mr Lack Lustre. I saw him give a speech on refugees in Martin Place once and I thought, 'Come on, Andrew, even I could do better than that off the top of my head, and I'm not the Leader of a Political Party.'

Jenny Macklin -- yes, she's a shame, isn't she?

I was actually thinking more along the lines of wee wee exorcism -- you know, 'releasing the inner wee wee.'

One thing we haven't discussed is 'what defines a male wee wee?' Presume we don't mean a SNAG by this and suspect we don't want Paul Hogan types back either...(Angus, you set the ball rolling here -- have you got anything you want to say on this?)


Now I've just come across one of the problems of wee wee. Take Aaron Pedersen. He can be Black King of Non Wee Wees in my book. Spunky, buffed, great voice, cheeky in his roles, friendly and warm in person, strong leader, volunteers to mentor juvenile justice kids, married to an elegant and smart woman.

But he's allowed himself to be paired with Queen Black Wee Wee, Kelly, on SLOUS. Now, being on SLOUS is, it would seem, the kiss of death fr wee wee dom. But pairing up a fit energetic Aaron (as a St Kilda forward, pity he's about 2 feet too short for that) with the blobby Kelly is a crime against humanity!

Check out Mike Carlton's opinion piece last Saturday to find out what he wrote about Angela Shanahan (and other RWDB columnists + Adams). Very funny.


Aaron Pederson once walked past me at a Survival Concert and he was stunning! Even more so in the flesh. I liked him in Wildside but must admit I found him just the teensiest bit wet (not to mention Ultimately Tragic) in MDA as eager beaver Dr Tony.

Deb Mailman once walked past me (yes, I am the kind of person who gets walked past) in the Qantas Club Lounge and she looked much smaller than she does on the screen. Actually very pretty; other than that, you would think she was Miss Average.

A new series of SOLUS is being aired on Imparja -- I don't know if it is the New Series or an Old New Series we just haven't got here yet. Must admit I've given up on SOLUS and couldn't bear to see any more of Evan's terrible girlfriends. Kelly & Aaron are a tad unconvincing a thought, I'll agree, as is the idea of Aaron as as AFL footballer. (Hmmm... is it really so bad for the buffed and the blobby to be paired?) Btw, he comes from CA, and one of the rumours about him here is that he's gay but hasn't come to terms with it yet...

Vince seems to have survived SOLUSification well -- don't know about Claudia (whom I much prefer to Cate B as an actress).


No, Aaron is certainly not gay, just beautiful. Gay men don't look at other women, and he does, but he is very attached to his lovely wife, and introduces her around proudly. I've met him, at Belvoir Street, and my friend held his hand when she was a juvenile justice counsellor. Aw, blush!

Deb is definitely extremely pretty, but the blobby thing isn't that she's large, she just looks so unfit and unhealthy. That's why buffed and blobby don't necessarily go.

As a footballer he looks more like Nicky Winmar than Gavin Wanganeen ... it does work, he looks seriously buffed. But why isn't he getting more acting roles?

Claudia was the only good think in SLOUS - and in this series, Evan has disappeared. He's been replaced by Rhys what's his face - arch Catholic married wee wee, according to his recent performance on Glasshouse.


Ok, so it's a healthy/unhealthy dichotomy, rather than a fat/lean dichotomy that's been invoked here.

Oh not Rhy Muldoon! I can't even imagine him acting! (Surely he's too old, anyway, for SLOUS).

Yes, actually we love Claudia for being so wonderful in _High Tide_, and for acting in a way that had so many resonances with one's tomboyish teenage years, tho she says it was all Judy Davis's influence...

Acc to my site stats, someone from NZ has been conducting google searches on 'wee wee' and has been hitting on my site...isn't that bizarre? Perhaps they're incontinent.

Coy Lurker

Noted in Peter Conrad's "profile" - ie old guy perving dressed-up as cultural critique - of Kate Moss in the latest Good Weekend that Jefferson Hack (ex, publisher and father of Moss's child) "chatted her up by telling her that she smelled of wee", which Moss "took as a compliment...
This suggests a very different category of wee wee girl entirely!


Rhys Muldoon plays a 39 year old lecturer completely smitten with Kelly, but she dumps him after one try-hard 30-something party too many. Coy Lurker can surely relate.


Ah, Coy Lurker speaks at last -- and eeeeuuww! I'm sure there's a cultural studies article (probably for someone like Pufferfish) on wee wee girls.

Now that you say that about Rhys Muldoon, I do remember something vaguely about Kelly and psychology essays in the last series I saw.

I had another thought about wee-wee-ville -- what about Tom from _Spooks_? I like the series, but I've never been totally sure about Tom -- i.e. thought he was a little wet somehow but maybe it's just those moist red British lips of his. (Zoe is definitely cool, tho apparently his partner in rill life.)

Why have I been spelling SLOUS as 'SOLUS' -- is it a slip for 'soulless'?


Bathsheba, you said Aaron P is from CA? I thought he was from Alice Springs? Wish he could get more tv roles too. I hear he's in a new play in Sydney next month though. You could see him there.


Yeah, he's from Alice. CA meaning 'Central Australia.'

There's always Wildside repeats!

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