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March 03, 2005



I thought it was very cheeky that Belinda Emmett vowed on her wedding day to laugh at Rove's jokes, but added 'even when I don't find them funny'. Wee wee with a twist (segue back to other posts).

I think many men put a high premium on intellectual exchange and aren't bothered so much by gender stuff. But on the whole I think the GSOH problem is real - so is talking over the top of girls. I think most blokes are truly brought up to be the centre of attention, and just don't like it when girls are funny in their own right. Perhaps some of the less bright specimens suspect that women's laughter is actually directed AT them. Which, if they are very dumb, it probably is. But one thing is true, no boy is ever raised to smooth out a woman's ego by laughing at her jokes, whereas many girls are raised to do that for men.


Actually i had similar conversation with friend about this recently...her thought was it's not that Australian men don't like intelligence, capability etc, but what they really like is a girly girl (i.e. one who keeps this under wraps with trad femininity). Which ties in, I think, with the GSOH and prevalence of public wee wee girl icon stuff. And why Mia Friedman's more palatable than Corinne Grant (tho CG often plays a very auxiliary role to the blokes on that show), because she can do that Ita Buttrose mag ed 'diplomacy' stuff.


I think that's true! sad though.

Nick Crustacean

Whoops, hit return too early. Or something.

Was going to say: the only thing worse than the Glasshouse are the Glasshouse commercials. Only 20 seconds long but *excruciatingly* unfunny...

And the same is often true of the Denton commercials...

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