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February 02, 2005



Thanks for the mentiion 'elsewhere'. I'll now begin on my collection of autobiographical yarns and short stories, hoping to hone my writing skills in preparation for "The Novel". Isn't that how everyone begins?


Elsewhere, I've had no critical comments at all!! Where is Even a blast is better than being totally ignored!


I'm not totally sure how everyone begins...

Um, I don't think I got any comments until I was about a month into blogging, and then they were from kind friends. There are various syndication options you can choose in typepad to put the word out, but I don't know that they're that effective.

But the more you blog (i.e. the more you clutter up the internet), basically the more likely it is that you'll get hits. The post I've done that seems to have received the most hits was one about Helen Garner's _Joe Cinque's Consolation_, so niche topicality is better.

There's also a kind of hierarchy of blogging at work -- like I'm really attached to a cluster of Melbourne blogs (thru the kindness of friends, once again). The NT seems to be a bit of a backwater for blogging, I'm afraid.


Thanks for the reply, e. Today I discovered how to "re-edit" an already posted blog. Great way to tune up a piece. If you read my last two posts you'll see how your topics have triggered some of the content of mine. Tj.


Just discovered the Stats page on TypePad. Apart from yourself, 'Bloglines' seems to have taken a look at my blog. Along with the pressure of trying to write something that I think I would like to read, now I've got to learn about Feeds, XML and OPML as well. Information overload!

I'm really enjoying writing some of the stories I've been telling for years. I've got the title for "The Novel" - My Secret Life as a Blackfella. How Aboriginal History and Culture invests a mongrel Whitefella Life.

Maybe that's a bit long; but it's a concept I've long thought about. I never knew my 4 great grandparents; they were English, Irish, Swedish and French. That's where the mongrel comes from. The dominant inheritance was English and Irish, but there has been a Blackfella inheritance in there as well. It's almost as if I had an equally unknown but equally culturally important Aboriginal great grandparent.


El, how do I find your post on Joe Cinque's Consolotion? Is there any kind of directory to archived stuff? I've just had a scroll thru Troppo Armadillo blog. Lot of serious contributors there. Tj.

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