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January 31, 2005



Steep learning curve coming up! "Balanda" is Top End "creole" aka "kriol" for Hollander. Anangu probably never discovered a Balanda this far inland. Although - and get this - Centralian Cats are Dutch! After the Batavia went down the cats escaped. Arrente people, when asked, say that cats came from the west. They were here before any whitefella. DNA experts have confirmed that cats in WA DNA as Rotterdam cats to this day. They were here before Capn James Cook set sight on the South East Coast!! Tjilpi.


*Oops! DNA studies have confirmed that Feral cats in WA have the same Balanda DNA as Rotterdam cats do - to this day! Feral cats south-east of a line drawn from Cairns to Perth are simply English Moggies - a totally different DNA line - probably containing feline Aspergers! Either way, they are both good bush tucker. Tjilpi.


Thanks, Tjilpi. Interesting to know the derivation of 'balanda' -- I knew it was from the Top End; the 'Hollander' bit makes sense.

I saw a documentary on feral cats a couple of years ago that argued all the feline DNA out here pointed to English moggiedom rather than the Rotterdam cats. But perhaps this is new research?

One of my cats was watching the doco (unusually for him, as he rarely watches TV) and he was most interested in the mating call of the female feral feline.


PS...Arrernte, Arunta, Aranda, Arrenta....just remember to roll your "r"s, as in Scots...and remember the Patrol Boat HMAS Arunta.

'Anangu' is the "people name" of the Pitchis - Pitjatjanjarra - mainly top end SA.

The Aranda are a separate 'tribe' - sometimes still at war with the Pitchis.

My dictionary uses 'arelhe' or 'tyerrtye' as the "people name" given by the Arunda to themselves. Nobody uses it in the popular press, which has sexified the use of 'Anangu' as if it applied to all Aboriginal persons in CA.

The word for "L'Etranger" in Aranda is "mperlkere".

The English orthography for Aranda is derived from German. The Lutherans set up the first language-translation-post in CA at Hermannsburg. Ever since, we Anglos have had to pronounce our "e"s as "a"s! Say "Arrernte" as "Arunta" and you can speak German!

I'll get off your case soon! Tjilpi.

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