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January 11, 2005



What's the Mercury thing? I'm confused. Which post is the comment on?. Signed, also obsessed with Anu Singh.


Oh, I don't know who they are, probably just a passing spammer. But as far as I could work out from my site refs, they may have first hit on my site with a search for 'Anu Singh photo', then started reading through some archives, the 'psychobabel' one in particular, and attached a comment to the 'value of gloom.'

It's the beginning of their address: 'youruinedus' that made me wonder about them, whether they were connected more directly with Singh. (I've blocked them now.)

I wish Denton would do an interview with Singh, actually -- I think it would be interesting to have a TV interview, maybe allay a lot of curiosity, and he'd be the one to do it.

Thanks for the mention, btw!

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