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January 17, 2005



Ha, yes I've identical experiences in both the (awful) Black Cat and the (actually rather good) MCA Cafe (but not good enough to put up with that rubbish). Mario's also has a reputation for being rude, but only if you ask for decaf or soy or "skinny" (ie you deserve it).

As for Pellegrini's, I kind of agree with your friend, I was definitely underwhelmed when I first went to this supposedly legendary place. But it's all about the history I guess.

Francis Xavier Holden

I always used to like the Black Cat years ago and my kids loved the spiders. It was always friendly.

I still like Pellegrini's. Sitting up at the counter of against the wall looking in the mirror is great if you are by yourself. Good place to meet someone. Used to be great to go by yourself and have a ciggarette. Those days are gone.


I was never too keen about the looking-in-the-mirror aspect of pellegrini's, I must admit!

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