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December 06, 2004



I was thinking about your (rhetorical) question of whether the electronic book will take off. In my (limited) experience, new technology moves from being almost inconceivable to being part of the scenery very quickly. And when such technology does become commonplace, it is then inconceivable that the technology was ever inconceivable.

I remember reading about electronic funds transfer at point of sale about ten years ago. This article was saying that soon we would be able to present a card at almost any shop and directly, cashlessly, transfer funds from our bank accounts to pay for routine items.

I remember being taken aback by this and thinking 'no way' because it really did seem like an almost inconceivable radical change. And then it happened. Who wonders about the magic of EFTPOS anymore?

The electronic book will seem like a weird fringe technology and then one day it will evolve suddenly and it will be everywhere (assuming there are still enough of us using the written word of course).


Short answer about the "My Favourite Book" show: embarassingly few votes. The announcement was supposed to be a live TV show but got cut back to a pre-record simply because there didn't appear to be much interest. Apart from anything else, let's consider the arrogance of TV in assuming that althought it had been done earlier on radio that it was fine to be done again and there would be no voter fatigue...

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