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October 13, 2004



>It's not a matter of economies of, well, the economic but of the olafactory. I guess this throws all those 'women who love too much' and 'smart women foolish choices' theories into absolute chaos, too. Not to mention Cleo columnists.

Hmm. You seem somehow to have missed out on the *other* key piece of information, which is that oral contraceptives play havoc with womens' sense of smell, and when they take them, they're no longer able to simply smell out men with compatible immune systems.

I'll ask Dr Karl next time I see him...


Yeah, actually, I have heard that one before, which is interesting...yet another good reason not to take the pill. Btw, I reckon Dr Karl's pet theory about women's periods synchronising does not always hold water (from experience of shared households) and I believe I've read evidence to the contrary saying this phenomenon can be thrown out by the influence of their boyfriends' hormones or by simply not bonding with the other women.

I'm just not enough a biological reductivist to accept these things are so fundamentally determining without the interplay of other factors.


Angus -- thanks for your vote of confidence. I feel less mad after a week at the beach.

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