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October 26, 2004



>Asperger's test from Baron-Cohen, the man who invented the male-female test

And, somewhat bizzarely, Ali G's uncle.


Maybe that explains it!

Someone with OCD in their family has just pointed out to me that they would probably all score high on the AQ without necessarily having Asperger's, which I think is interesting and points to the limitations of such things.

I need to find a new area of obsession -- or a busier job to stop me from fiddling round on the internet all day.


I suddenly realised that after reading quite a few posts of yours in which you mention Asperger's Syndrome...that I had absolutely no idea what Asperger's syndrome is.

So I googled it. Well, colour me surprised. I expected something quite different, some kind of unworkable combination of arthritis and deep vein thrombosis.


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