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August 30, 2004



Our overall medal tally represents one medal (of any colour) per 408 000 people. Just ahead of Cuba which also does rather well at 418 000 folk per medal.

The best country in the world by this measure is the Bahamas (total population: 300 000, two medals).

Yes, the Canadians sucked. (The Norwegians and the Swedes save up their efforts for the Winter Olympics).

Ironically, it was the Montreal Olympics where we won zero gold medals that lead us to TRY HARDER NEXT TIME. Among other things, we created the Australian Institute of Sport which ches through $100 million per year (or $400 million per Olympiad). Which comes out at a bit less than $10 million per medal.

But hey, I love it that we came fourth. I was on the edge of my seat when we briefly took over the Japanese for third only to be overtaken by the late-blooming Russians...


Some impressive calculations there, Nick...perhaps the theme song needs to be changed to 'So long as we beat Japan!' And I'd like to think that somehow all that burning round the backyard pretending to be Olympiads added to the better part of the Australian sporting psyche during our lean years...

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