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August 22, 2004



The thing is, for a punctuation pedant she's extremely lax about her own punctuation: the subtitle of her book is I believe "The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation", which should of course have a hyphen between "zero" and "tolerance".


Yes, KKR would have been with you on that one.

Adelaide friend described his time in a public hospital ward as 'like being in a living Bosch painting.' I think that's my all time favourite description. I was in a public/private hospital (i.e. public with a slender possibility of choice of Dr). I wrote a story about it -- if you're interested, I cd email it to you.


Yeah, would definitely like to read that Elsewhere.

I think we were actually in hospital around the same time...July/August 2002? I remember Jono telling me about what had happened to you, although through my drugged-up haze I might not have absorbed much...

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