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June 20, 2004



You should report Woolworths to the Trades Practices & Health Department as it sounds like they are using a chemical on their meat to keep it "fresh". This chemical is mainly used in mince and there have been several current affair type programs about it's use. (Can't remember the name of the chemical but a search on the i/net should turn up something) If I recall correctly, I do not think any of this chemical is allowed to be used in any meat for human consumption. One way to test if it has been used is to feed it to your cat. No it wont' harm them as they will not eat it.
Hang in there...I'm going to generalise is common for people who do not know the answer to things or those who do not know how to accept responsibility, to put the blame back on the person making the enquiry/complaint/etc. Be strong and play their game right back at them.

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