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June 30, 2004



Except for the fact that she won't be getting the 3k because she sprogged up too early, which was the point of the story. The bonus doens't kick in for another 2 hours and 40 minutes yet...

So her managed fund (which was to be set aside for school fees -- where was she going to find the other 97k?) needs to be subsidised from elsewhere...


Yes, well, I wrote the above when I was fairly pissed and my original comment back here was less than welcoming, so I've deleted that...

Went to 7.30 Report website to refresh my mind as to what story had been about (only remembered KO'B saying something about 'Wednesday's child is full of woe' then cut to vapid blonde Rebecca saying thought of $3,000 baby bonus was 'very nice'). Quote from reporter re: Rebecca: 'Most important, the little girl is winning her fight with jaundice but the plans for that $3,000 for the baby due on July 14 are wrecked.' Ha ha ha ha!, (tho sorry about the jaundice).(And shouldn't it be 'most importantly', i.e. adverbial usage?) Hmmm, wouldn't be surprised if plans had really included a couple of months of one-on-one pilates tuition to 're-gain that core stability'. I got something else wrong there too -- she's from Melbourne, so I'll have to retract some of the Northern Beach stuff too (and the husband names were probably wrong too -- more likely to be 'Jeremy' or 'Simon').

Was that comment: 'So her managed fund ....needs to be subsidised from elsewhere...' a Freudian slip or intended? Because somehow Elsewhere feels that Rebecca and Jeremy will find that $100k for Wesley, that they wont regret pre-enrolling young Jack the morning after the night he was conceived, that Jez will be become Senior Partner in his law firm or orthopaedic surgery fellow next year, that Becca will be able to stay home and play house and do dawn to dusk pilates, even tho she was such a wonderful marketing manager because she's Always Been Such A Vibrant Girl, and all the rest.

Originally, didn't want to be too harsh about the baby bonus (had seen some studies saying that a flat sum was seen as fairest by mothers across all demographics) but now all these silly family payments are flying round, I wonder if some more paternalistic, State-based solution such as massively improving child-care wouldn't have been the better option after all.

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