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Irony Alert!: This blog may be a tad contrary.


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I'm a drifting Gen-Xer, editing consultant, freelance writer and amateur cyclist living in Centralia with three cats, one of whom is on SSRIs.


So who am I really? Read the blog and find out


Films, photography, public institutions in crisis, feline psychology, cycling, wearing shorts, writing, reading just about anything, catching up with friends, collecting problem people, establishing herb & vegie patches, subclavian-axillary vein thrombosis, gender, Indigenous issues, listening to ABC Radio National, re-embracing middle-brow-ness, morbidity and mortality, reading medical journal articles, learning fragments of obscure and even dead languages, and Iyengar yoga. Warning: Writing in this blog is 97 % unedited: sorry about the typos, pedants!