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November 15, 2007


Account Deleted

What about a blingdungsroman--a story about someone who shits diamonds? (Sorry...)

Pavlov's Cat

Don't apologise, Angus, it's a perfectly good idea -- Dorothy L. Sayers wrote one of those once.

How about a Blintzblitzungsroman -- a novel about someone who dies of eating too many Russian pancakes?


That is a pun worthy of my husband.


there's a movie in all of these...

Francis Xavier Holden

bunniesroman - a story about a hopping spree in a hardware store.

Pavlov's Cat

I've got two: (1) 'the third-person omnipotent narrator' and (2) 'they all gathered at the base of the communal marquis'.

I'm guessing that communal marquis is one tired puppy.


I'm sure there has been many a marquis who would have welcomed that kind of attention!




Story about a pesky anklebiter that should not have been given a makeover by the Women's Weekly?

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