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November 11, 2006


Francis Xavier Holden

Here we don't talk about the weather but we read about it a lot. We have squillions of factual and fictual books on weather, storm, hurricanes, volcanoes, rain, clouds (MsFX paints and photos clouds). We also have outside temp gauges in window and humidity gauges and a Galileo sealed tube temp gauge. It's melbourne we have central heating, spot heating, open fires, doonas, jamas, air-con in some parts, and large fans and small fans.We have shade, trees, umbrellas, pergolas, grapevines, wisteria and climbing roses.

But I'm pretty sure cats aren't hot and sweaty. Cats don't sweat.


I've been told they have a different thermostat, which is why they survive so well in the desert. They certainly do much avoiding of heat, airing of bellies and rolling in the dirt. But a fat, fluffy cat certainly feels hot & sweaty -- or perhaps it's really its owner who does!

Nick C

I'm not in one of the five teeming sores, rather the pustule-in-chief.

The heat just hit us today. And I really do dislike it (althoug its of course a pale imitation of the heat you experience). There's something inescapable about heat that it doesn't share with cold.

And when it is very hot and the earth is bone dry and dust blows everywhere, you get a vague sense that just a little more heat would make the place uninhabitable and this whole city thing would disappear like a collection of tents..


Whenever I get in a taxi at Mildura airport the driver usually makes some nasty comparison between Melbourne weather and the Mildura weather, which they call a climate. I always let them, they have to console themselves somehow for living in the middle of nowhere.

The cicadas have just started up in Melbourne, just this evening.


I developed my weather fixation when I lived in London. Living in Sydney is a relief from the need to discuss it! Though I still watch the weather forecast obsessively. It was apparently 32C here today but didn't seem that hot to me, I managed to avoid the worst of it by staying indoors after midday.
We don't have any fans, air conditioners etc. We do have underfloor heating which is unusual in Sydney but quite wonderful in deepest winter (which only lasts four weeks). We also have an extremely windproof house, also unusual for a terrace.
I think I've been one of the earnest ones - sorry about that.


Cicadas here tonight for the first time too!


Hmmm...everyone likes the weather, it seems. Perhaps could start weather meme...

The worst thing about the summer here perhaps is spending so much time inside in the dark. I guess in other areas, the impulse is to embrace the warm weather but here it's too warm to do that.


I'm with Nick - even here in Canberra (which has an inexplicable reputation for being cold) the heat is not my favourite time.

And yes, the dark - awnings down, curtains drawn (our house faces west) - don't like that either.


Growing up in the country all we ever did was talk about the weather, with the major subset of all weathery conversations being the rain, lack thereof, or conversely, the chance of floods. Sadly 'will the levee bank hold?' hasn't been asked in my home town for many a year.

(And it's not that I like being hot, it's that I hate being cold. And I like going to the beach here in Perth, which is probably the best thing this particular pustule has going for it during Jan and Feb. That and the pub.)


FXH, the cats definitely felt sweaty today, if only slightly.

Francsi Xavier Holden

I'm sure cats do not sweat. Perspire maybe.

Pavlov's Cat

Cats don't sweat, they glow.


Some cats sweat as a side-effect of medication they are taking for the obsessive compulsive cleaning disorder they have developed in their old age, probably because they did not get enough fat in their diet because their well-meaning owners fed them kangaroo meat. That's one scenario.


Here's a long new meme, if you're still looking:


TC, my cats are fat, old & OCD, and their owner is well-meaning but she hasn't fed them any kangaroo meat. They also eat complex carbs in titbit form. Thanks for the tip, tho.

And thanks for the meme, Susoz. I seem to remember people breaking out with the memes this time last year...


Kay! Canberra's reputation for cold is perfectly explicable! It's just also exceedingly hot too.

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