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June 21, 2006


third cat

Yes, I thought that too about the blogging. And then I thought 'maybe he already does'.

I was a bit grumpy about that show actually, because I just flicked from Grey's Anatomy (I have fairly basic television loves) and then that interview was compelling in a 'is this really, really clever or really, really up itself' kind of way so I didn't really get to watch either of the shows properly.


Well, I was sucked in.

third cat

I think, on the whole, so was I.

But I'm watching Grey's Anatomy next week.


Your programming sounds more diverse than ours!


"well-bred post-colonial accent" - the way to the thinking woman's heart.

Pavlov's Cat

Oh Laura, don't believe it. I used to be married to somebody who talked like that, and he was an utter, utter prat. He would even have qualified as a Bad Man, had he not been way too lazy to get up to Teh Evil.


One night Andrew Denton and I were the only customers at a drive thru bottle shop near Noosa. He was in line before me. When it came to paying he pulled out one of those wallets which will hold 100 credit cards in a kind of concertina fold up arrangement. He very impressively let them all drop down. The length of his credit card folder arrangement very nearly matched his height. I thought "Poor bugger".


Heh heh. I presume you are a giant, Tjilpi?

Don't you think AD would be a gadgets and collectors type?

A friend of mine had an encounter with him while working in the kids clothing section of an eastern suburbs DJ's, actually, but it was fairly underwhelming. Which was a shame, as I would have thought she'd be an excellent subject for interview, but he must get tired of running into people who recognise him everywhere...

I think I've ridden down your street a couple of times recently (starts with an 'R'). It's very noice.


We often see them around on hols up the coast. (Them being Jen and A.)
I had moxed feelings about that interview too, though I like REG a lot, Denton not such a lot. REG's autobiography (or whatever it is) is very nice too, quite old now.


oh, ok. Shall block ears whenever Imran Khan walks into room, then.

Tjilpi, nice story.


Heh, don't really see the physical resemblance, but the good/bad dichotomy is there - an aristocratic sense of entitlement perhaps?


Hmmm, I don't think there is much of an explanation for our dear friend -- just a freak of nature, really.

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