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November 19, 2005


Pavlov's Cat

Re the casting of Hugh Laurie, there WAS no train of thought. The exec producer (I think -- some 15-year-old with two-tone hair) was insisting that only an American actor could play the part. He watched HL's audition tape, never having seen HL in anything, and said 'See, an American actor, perfect for the part.' Rumour has it he had the grace to laugh when gently corrected. HL as House reminds me of his turn as the grumpy Mr Palmer in the Emma Thompson version of Sense and Sensibility.


It's still quite bizarre. Why did HL even think to send an audition tape?

That reminds me, I must re-watch my copy of S&S some time!

I'm glad that someone else watches as much bad TV as me! (You'd love Imparja television.)


Can't stomach House though I love Hugh Laurie. Generally I really enjoy MDA. My favourite, though, was Casualty. I still miss it. I can't cope with all the platic American shows and can't stop myself thinking of their private health system. I'm an ex-hospital worker, by the way. Hospital staff usually talk about their own lives, not the lives of the patients, though there's a bit of that.


I was going to mention Casualty but I thought it might be a bit too old hat! I really enjoyed it at the time, but probably for Brenda Fricker as much as anything else.

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